I’m very excited to announce my third long-running story arc, Wasteland! Largely inspired from the sweeping, open-world Fallout universe, this arc details the trials and tribulations of a lone woman trying to survive an apocalyptic Massachusetts hellscape. One of the big themes I wanted to explore was the idea of someone’s former morality being completely at odds with a new society, and having to adapt in order to survive.

A big focus of mine has been to portray the emotional turmoil of the main character – torn from a life she knew, she’s had to quickly come to terms with the fact that the world she grew up in is long gone, and with it many of the attitudes and social norms she held dear. Is there still room for goodness in a world where everyone’s out for themselves?

The first entry will be posted February 1st, and I really hope you enjoy the series of adventures our protagonist goes through, the variety of characters she meets, and the wild situations she finds herself amid. I have a bit more structure in place with this one than I have with other series, and I really look forward to seeing how things turn out – life is certainly taking her to places she never expected, and I hope you enjoy the ride!

As with all of my stories, both one-offs and series, I would love to hear your feedback; please let me know what you think by emailing [email protected]!