I’ve been writing a lot lately, and not just the continuing Lavis Chronicles. While playing a bit of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands (and boy what a mouthful that is) with a friend I decided to take advantage of the rather loosely-stitched story to create a new narrative, one that focuses on the people as well as the missions.

The story is set in a fictional Bolivia – yes I know the actual country of Bolivia exists – one where a powerful drug cartel has taken over all aspects of civilian and military life. Most of the outside world sees them as terrible and violent criminals, the local citizenry may not be so dead-set against them. After all, at least with the cartel you can be sure your bribes will be honored, unlike the government they supplanted.

While I have several long-form works in the hopper I decided to start posting this arc. Perhaps not on a set schedule, like I am with the Lavis Chronicles, but still frequently enough that I hope regular readers will be interested in what I have to offer when they check out the site.

I look forward to what new aspects of life and humanity this adventure into South American life (and international espionage) will reveal, and how the story and characters will progress. Thank you as always to my wonderful Patreon supporters, and to everyone who reads any of my work – my goal is to entertain, inspire, and start meaningful conversations.