Cultures across the world speak of a time when all peoples were one, united in purpose and strength. Their language was that of Adam, the first namer, in which there was no distinction made between the Signifier and the Signified. It was a language of true things, a language of True Names. Power flowed through every word, and every sentence was spoken with purpose and intent.

When angels cast that magnificent skyward tower asunder, sent the peoples of the world in all directions and divided them by speech and by custom, the Truth was lost to mankind. Lies and falsehoods crept into vocabulary and in time took root in every new language. The world forgot that it had ever known Truth.

Humanity on the whole may have forgotten, but there are whispers, the briefest syllables, of Truth out there. Few have the ear to listen, fewer still the capacity to comprehend. Those who can, who master the old words – unfathomable power waits for them. Power over others, power over the very Earth itself. Power to create and destroy and to unite the whole of humanity again to one glorious purpose.

True mastery would unlock the keys of Paradise, fulfilling the challenge put to mankind by the lord God Himself, finally proving that, after so long an absence, humanity had become worthy to once again walk in His grace.

He’s heard the whispers, he’s seen the signs; now his passion burns for more Truth.

Recommended Traditions: Hermetic, Ecstatic, Chorus
Recommended Spheres: Prime, Spirit, Forces

The idea behind this driven (some say obsessed) character concept was taken from a post made by Thor Olavsrud in late 2002 on the forums. I like that it could work for several usually very different traditions, and that the idea can be fleshed out in almost any direction – mad researcher, stoic philodox, adventurer, or so so many more.