So many of her kind believed that mortal man was separate, above the natural world. They congregated in cities large and small, building walls to keep nature and its imagined dangers away. They built tools and machines to help tame what they couldn’t understand.

Her way seemed much more logical, to her perspective: nature is, and everything belongs to it. There is a cycle and a rhythm the natural world follows, and man is just one small part of the whole, no matter what grand thoughts they had about themselves.

Where she did struggle was the divide between the concepts “good” and “evil.” The latter was easy to see and understand – unmitigated greed, destruction, and spoiling of the world. Selfishness for selfishness’ sake. She knew she was not evil, for she lived in harmony with her surroundings, whether she found herself in hills, forests, or beside the open seas.

Goodness then, was the difficulty. She didn’t understand it, couldn’t quite conceptualize it. Some had tried to explain it as helping the greater whole, even at cost to oneself. She nodded and smiled, the polite thing to do. But did not see how humans helping other humans survive was anything other than the natural order of things. One feeds a dog because it is hungry, not out of adherence to some idealistic “good.”

She had seen evil men perform their wickedness upon the verdant earth, but she had also seen the “most noble” aims of “good men” lead them to dark and twisted places, where even their own concept of mortality didn’t hold fast.

The natural world just is, she reasoned, with all of the rules and systems necessary for a healthy and fulfilling coexistence. Prey are food for the predator, but there is always a balance; even if others have forgotten how to see it.

Class: Druid or Ranger
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Race: Any