One of the reasons I genuinely like the setting of EVE Online is that there are so many stories that can be told. As a massive, multiplayer online RPG focused on the interaction between player-run corporations, but with enough built-in story and history to provide context and flavor, everything from the actions of an individual pilot to the moves of interstellar organizations can be made interesting and impactful on a galactic scale.

One of my first introductions to the world and setting was the following video, completely created by a fan of the game, detailing an event written into its history, decades before player-driven actions changed the landscape. I encourage you to watch it at least twice, particularly if you know nothing about the game or its setting – in a few short minutes the video tells a very complete story, hinting at a much larger world. I think it’s one of the best example of “fan art” I’ve ever seen.

I’ve written a number of stories that have developed organically from situations arising from within the game, and I look forward to publishing many, many more. Perhaps it’s the size and scale of the universe that lends itself to such a rich and broad base from which to draw, perhaps the diverse playerbase. Either way, it’s a universe I truly enjoy writing about, and often feel the urge to hop back in and play.