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Thank you for taking this literary journey with me! Here I post personal thoughts on social issues, reflections about day-to-day living, and of course a healthy amount of stories inspired by the many games I’ve played over the years. I try to update several times a week, and genuinely appreciate the care and support of all who read these words, whether the post is fanciful or heartfelt.

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Conquest: The Sleeper (Part 2)

Barik and I, now supported by friendly soldiers, were able to push the Earthshakers and their guards further back, giving Eb and Verse enough room to join us on the far side of the stone bridge. Eb was able to counter or at least deflect the bulk of the incoming magic...

The Showstoppers

Maybe the Boy Scouts had something with their "be prepared" motto—a little forethought went a long way into not having to deal with afterthoughts. Sometimes the universe had a special way of showing its serendipity to those not normally enthusiastic about planning....

Conquest: The Sleeper

The Scarlet Chorus were delighted to see us return to Howling Rock, far angrier in countenance than when we left but now in possession of the powerful crystal that would let us invade the Earthshaker's camp. "At your word, we'll cut them all down," the red-garbed...

Pink Mohawks and Mirror Shades

I have a great deal of respect for the minds behind the Shadowrun role-playing game, first released by FASA in 1989, and their commitment to giving their dystopian future a grim reality while leaving plenty of opportunities for levity and lightheartedness. They did...

Cinematic Role-Playing

Recently I started running a new Legend of the Five Rings campaign, with most of the players having participated in at least some of my previous five-year story arc in the same setting. I thought long and hard about how to make this experience different from those...

Conquest: Repetition

The constant tremors that rippled through the area helped hide our clandestine investigations, though it made navigating the shifting landscape treacherous at best. The Earthshakers had dug in fairly substantially, both barricading their own camp and limiting avenues...

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