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Thank you for taking this literary journey with me! Here I post personal thoughts on social issues, reflections about day-to-day living, and of course a healthy amount of stories inspired by the many games I’ve played over the years. I try to update several times a week, and genuinely appreciate the care and support of all who read these words, whether the post is fanciful or heartfelt.

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Legendary 55Hp Monks

One of the reasons I'm not generally a fan of board games is that I get too highly invested in the outcome (read: competitive). I'm less competitive with video games—I routinely play with people who are better than I could ever be—but still I loathe dying and tend to...

Conquest: A Bloody Tribe

The Beastmen had lain traps on the path to their camp – surprisingly ingenious ones, at that. Cleverly-hidden, well-made, and certainly catastrophic for any who ran across them, it spoke volume about the intelligence of the local tribe. As we hiked up the trail a...

Concerted Madness

In previous entries about creating characters I've talked at length about the need for character quirks to not define the character. Someone who "has a limp" or "only opens doors with their left hand" as a primary characteristic doesn't usually make for a compelling...

Immutable (Runner Concept)

Angela wasn't supposed to learn about the truth behind her father's position at the company, but sometimes rebellious teenagers can surprise even the most well-prepared of parents. She had been raised as a normal, average daughter of a mid-level wageslave, a...

Conquest: Into the Gorge

Though we didn't anticipate any great difficulty in our travels through the Stone Sea, aside from the near-constant earthquakes and aftershocks, we avoided returning to Halfgate all the same. We had stood idly by as Disfavored baited and killed Scarlet Chorus soldiers...

AFK: Piles of Diamonds

Of the many forms of currency available in AFK Arena—gold coins, hero's essence, soulstones, and so forth—none is arguably more valuable than Diamonds. Primarily obtained through real-money purchases and account achievements (such as completing a difficult campaign...

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