Some runners are motivated by the money. Real talk, most all of them are. A lot of otherwise good people have passed on this one, but maybe you’re the right crew to be motivated by something other than the financials.

A new combat drug hit the streets a few weeks ago, something called “wombat.” It hops people up, dulls their pain, and makes them rage at the slightest provocation—or none at all. Seeing the effect this trash has on the local down-and-out, a collective of religious groups have pooled funds to hire a team to track down and stem the tide before it gets any worse out there.

I won’t lie; given the legwork and muscle likely involved, the pay is pretty light. You’ll have to trace the stuff from an end user to their supplier, and on up the chain until you find a big enough supplier that convincing them to stop will make a big dent in the flow. Maybe, unlike those other runner groups, you feel a moral duty to the city—or maybe you’re just bored enough—to make a real difference here.

What do you say?

Run idea created by the always-awesome @HumantheFixer Twitter account. Header image taken by Japanese noir photographer @secilb.