Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears – I come to offer you nuyen, not take it away! Theatrics aside, there’s a job on my radar that may be a good opportunity for an enterprising collective of runners like yourselves, particularly since you have such an ace pilot.

There’s a particular transport coming in over the border next week, being flown in on an intentionally-unmarked VTOL. The job in question is to intercept the bird in-flight, once it’s over local airspace, and relieve its crew of their prized cargo.

Yep, you heard me – this is a midair operation. The powers that be don’t want the plane touching down or crashing unexpectedly; apparently they’re less concerned about panicked radio calls from the pilot. So long as you get the package before the plane hits corporate airspace, you’re in the clear.

This is a real opportunity to try out some of those new toys you’ve been itching to use – and if you need wingsuits, drones, or any other gear, remember that I’m the fixer who can get it for you.

Sound like the high-adrenaline job you’ve been looking for? Let me know.

Header image created by Shimmering-Sword