My Little Corner of the Internet

After years on hiatus I’m resurrecting this little website, finally (re)creating a place for myself and my random thoughts. With a number of once-and-future hobbies and interests, there’s a lot for me to write. Whether a post is a work of fiction, musings on life, or recounting historical events, I hope this site can become a repository for many of my experiences.

I have spent much of my life working in information technology, playing games both online and in-person, and enjoying theatre arts – a lot of my writings and stories will focus on those topics. I hope they’re of interest and engaging, and in the end that you learn something not just about me but about yourself as well.

The posts herein will cover a great deal of ground, and I won’t be shying away from sensitive or difficult topics. Not every page will be for every reader, but each will be heartfelt and from my perspective.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of self-discovery and presentation – let us all be wanderers, dreamers, and explorers together. Let us find new worlds, and make some of our own.

Onward, to stories and reflections …

Welcome to my world