Alright chummers, looks like you’re about ready to take a step out of the streets and into a deeper ocean. I’m told you’ve done well for yourself so far, but your training wheels have just come off—take some time to get used to the new landscape before you let your ego print credsticks your body can’t cash.

As something of a welcome present, I’ve set you up with a respectable job—it’s as much PR as it is security. Joxxer5 is coming into town and wants a little protection in case things get heated during the start of his tour. Don’t worry, I didn’t know who this kid was either; turns out he’s some up and coming virtual gaming celebrity, and he’s here marketing some sort of product line.

Before you turn up your nose, I’ll be up front and say not only is the money decent, this is a great opportunity for a crew like yours to start making connections. It’ll take a lot of talent to keep him covered from all angles, and the team that can do it will start being noticed by the right people. Of course if you blow it, nobody will ever take you seriously and you’re back to the streets.

Four stops on his big tour, including a club, a retro arcade, a virtual dance party, and finally some pre-dawn skydiving. He’s looking for physical, technological, and magical protection, so it’s a great opportunity for you all to polish your team-building to boot.

The specifics are on the datapad. I think this could be a real career boost for you, if this kid has a good time and makes it back to corp central intact. You in?

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