Not every job is as straightforward as it seems, and not every Fixer gets the full and complete picture before recommending runners. The old saw is that it’s always the secretive corporate suit who leaves out critical information or leaves the runners hanging in the wind, but in reality they much more often just want the job done, quickly and quietly, rather than to screw over a particular operating crew. Credible relationships are hard to establish, after all, and throwing them away needlessly could be an expensive use of resources.

Sometimes, things just happen.
Sometimes, the Fixer is the one left twisting.

Message Received 2078-03-04 01:03 UTC

“Skylark, you have seven minutes to inform me of the current status. I am hearing worrying news from the transportation authority about an ‘incident’ on an elevated train. I sincerely hope for your sake that you did not choose to run from your mistakes. Johnson out.”

Message Received 2078-03-04 00:01 UTC

“Mr. Skylark, this is Mr. Johnson regarding the high-speed transportation logistics we worked out. I had expected an update on delivery schedule by this time. Do call me back.”

Message Received 2078-03-03 23:11 UTC

“‘Lark, something real messed up is going on, man. The run went bad, and quick. We got on the train no problem, we located the packages, identified the opposition. You were right, they’re pros, not standard corp goons. We were about to execute when Timms—goddamned Timms—everything went tits up. I gotta find a new hiding space—call me back, man.”

Message Sent 2078-03-03 23:08 UTC

“Hey Bitters, it’s your old pal Skylark. Look, I’m in a bit of a bind and could really use an out. To say I’m burned is putting it lightly. Do you still have that NAN passport? I get the feeling I have to leave the big city lights behind, maybe forever. I’ll be at my bolt-hole, don’t call the office.”

Message Received 2078-03-03 22:49 UTC

“Skylark, this is Timms. I’m sorry to tell you but I’ve gotten a better offer, one that I can’t turn down. I understand this will make things difficult for you, and you have my apologies for that. I hope there are no hard feelings—it’s just business after all. I’ll do what I can to make sure the body count is as low as possible. Do not attempt to contact me further.”

Message Sent 2078-03-23 22:20 UTC

“Hey Timms, this is Skylark with some new information for you to pass on to the rest of the crew. It sounds like the defending team is expecting some backup from an unknown source. I’ll send more information as I get it. Stay frosty. Call me when you have the package; Johnson will be wanting a status update.”

Message Sent 2078-03-15 16:04 UTC

“Heya boys, I met a nice bloke over coffee who had something that sounded right up your alley. Interested in a good, old-fashioned train job? Should be a straight-forward one with a high-speed twist. It’ll be you all and a new transplant into the area; good with comms gear which is something we’ll need. Hit me up if you want to take a trip for some good cash.”

Header photograph taken by Mike Wilson, taken from ISI Enterprises