Today was the first in literal months where I didn’t leave work stressed, overwrought, and filled with anxiety. Two major projects are all but done and major hurdles standing between me and future employment happiness have finally fallen. Today was a good day, and it’s important for me to recognize that, because for a long while I really haven’t had many.

I’m taking the whole of next week off of work, both to visit my parents and to have some much-needed “me time,” and I genuinely look forward to a few days of absolutely no responsibility. No angry customers calling me, no looming deadlines, no sales calls. Just a full week of spending time with the wife and writing; it’s hard for me to imagine a better vacation.

I’d like to think that today heralds a change in my life, not simply because it was a remarkably good day, but because a lot of things that have been on the back-burner are finally coming to the fore. I can spend more time working on myself, instead of grinding out more labor hours for work every evening and weekend. I am actually excited about what the future holds when it comes to work and employment, for a number of reasons, some of which I’m sure I’ll eventually write up.

It’s my sincere hope to step into the next quarter (April 1st) with a refreshed, self-care-focused outlook that will actually help me move to better places, particularly mentally. With much (of course not all) of my long-existent work stress being relieved, I can finally start leaving work at work and just dedicate the outside hours to actually meaningful things, as opposed to just filling time before more work rolls around.

I still don’t have a social group or outlet, something I believe is pretty essential for my mental health, but at least with the largest of heavy burdens I have carried these past months being set down, I may be able to start feeling more like “myself” again, hopefully happier and more confident all around, much less-besieged by oppressive negativity all the time.

Today was a good day, and I really want to focus on that. I think tomorrow will be a good day too, and hopefully from thence a new trend can spring.