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Creating characters, settings, or even whole worlds is a long-time joy of mine, one where I get to flex my creative muscles and try to encourage others to do the same. While my blog in general deals with all number of topics, here’s a curated list of all of my works of fiction – content inspired from other works, games I’ve played, or spun out of whole cloth.

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Currently I have two long-running story arcs going: the Lavis Chronicles which explores a civilization’s first steps onto the galactic stage, and Covert Ops about two American operatives fighting a Bolivian drug cartel. I hope you enjoy!

NW: Saving Grace

I have never understood the need for followers of any particular deity to erect large or grandiose churches and cathedrals to demonstrate their faith, or to fill those buildings with the type of wealth that could feed villages for generations. Across the city of...

DC: Resourcefulness

A little hope can go a very long way when it comes to keeping a population motivated. It's been said that great change doesn't begin when things are at their worst—people have to see the possibility of life improving before they will take up arms to make it happen....

Conquest: the Fatebinder of War

While investigating the city of Halfgate, seeking our contact within the Scarlet Chorus, a familiar face turned my way in the crowd. "I thought you might be poking around here," he chuckled without mirth. "No matter where you go, you sure churn up a wake, do you not?"...

NW: Cloak and Dagger

Not all societies are fair or just—rarely even the best-intentioned ones are. Humans in particular, but by no means to the exclusion of the rest, find a great deal of satisfaction or contentment in blaming the "other" for their problems. Not enough food? Some other...

DC: Getting Friendly

I don't know what it is about a disaster that makes some people think all the rules go out the window. Of course I recognize that DC has fallen into a general state of anarchy in recent months, but that hardly excuses many of the excesses and degredation Israel and I...

NW: No Longer Hibernating

There isn't much to say about my upbringing except for the way my mother guided and molded me. A pious, even devout woman, she held divine and human law in equal respect, teaching me that while those above have made their decrees, it is we here on Toril who must abide...

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