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Creating characters, settings, or even whole worlds is a long-time joy of mine, one where I get to flex my creative muscles and try to encourage others to do the same. While my blog in general deals with all number of topics, here’s a curated list of all of my works of fiction – content inspired from other works, games I’ve played, or spun out of whole cloth.

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Currently I have two long-running story arcs going: the Lavis Chronicles which explores a civilization’s first steps onto the galactic stage, and Covert Ops about two American operatives fighting a Bolivian drug cartel. I hope you enjoy!

Conquest: Mediation

"Human is indeed Stonestalker," Red-Fang greeted us as we descended back into the runic hall, her voice wavering with awe. "Means human will help tribe rid ancestor's lands of Elder Teeth stealers. Will protect legacy and strength of Beastmen and Beastwomen, yes?" "I...

DC: Dazzlers

Facing the catastrophic disintegration of society, people do some weird things. I don't mean trapping and eating rodents for food, that happens any time supplies run low. Nor do I mean banding together in pack-like groups for self-defense—that makes sense from a basic...

Conquest: Aurora Nights

A surprised Red-Fang watched us enter the runic hall at the base of the Spire. "Am impressed," she barked, noting our battle-torn and bloody clothing. "Martial prowess good. But what proof of inner strength do you have?" I can't tell whose angry growl was louder,...

Conquest: Circle of Strategy

The Beastmen may have had experience, physical structure, and savagery on their side, but we four had tactical experience, relying on one another as we stared down all number of foes, human and otherwise, in our travels together. The Beastmen hooted and howled their...

DC: Guerrillas

The continuing heat wave wasn't doing us any favors as we worked to retake the city. With clean water a rare commoddity, ensuring that our forward outposts and control points were well-stocked was an unending endeavor. Time and time again it seemed no sooner had we...

A WWII Guide to Self-Care

Content Warning: This story includes references to the horrors of the Holocaust, several generations removed. It also includes descriptions of medical gore and of self-harm which may not be suitable for all audiences.

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